Who is Tomasi Group?

Tomasi Group has a history of over 20 years on Romanian market.

Currently, we work in the following sectors:

1. Recruiting and disposing skilled workforce in countries of European Community;

2. International freight transport;

3. Design and development of software.

On the basis of our company′s activity, it is the respect for customers. In this context, we offer the best service, tailored on our customers′ needs and with optimum costs.

Presence in European Union

Romania -   Brasov
Bulgaria -   Sofia
Italy -   Milano
Germany -   Francoforte
UK - Leeds
France -   Paris
Agency for temporary employment
International transport services
Software design and development

The agency for disposition of workforce is a modern method of recruiting, practiced by countless companies. We offer the possibility of employment in different sectors.


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Our company provides traction services, for international freight transport in entire European Community. Our customers benefit from comprehensive services.


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The company is managed by professionals with extensive experience in providing IT services to european companies and in the international environment.


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